Moving Bible Verses As a Way to Increase Your Motivation

Precisely why would anyone resort to moving Bible verses as a source of motivation, drive and momentum? This is exactly the challenge I set myself. We dedicate my life to supporting other people as they create their ideal lives and achieve their goals. Obviously I practice what I teach, thus every new perspective I include in my knowledge base benefits all of us. Hence I set myself the job of discovering what the Bible may offer to people who genuinely want to find a life-journey that is happy, rich plus fulfilling. Here are some preliminary findings based upon my experience of using the Bible as a tool for generating a better, a lot more fulfilling life.

Assuming you are not quite familiar with the Bible, these two individual recommendations will make your initial missions for inspiration and motivational phrases immediately successful. First, for the uninformed, the antiquated language of the Bible can present a challenge, so make sure to use a version of the Bible which usually uses modern English. I used Holy Bible New Living Interpretation, 2nd Edition (Tyndale House Marketers, Inc., Illinois – ISBN thirteen: 978-1-4143-0259-1), and found it straightforward so I could concentrate on the meaning instead of struggle with semantics. Secondly, there is an index at the back which directed me to subjects of particular relevance to me such as inspiration, courage, self-discipline, gratitude and so on. Thus you don’t have to go through whole chapters, you can cherry-pick the passages that suit your current needs.

I began my search for inspirational Bible verses with the topic associated with Gratitude. I chose gratitude like a test subject because there is so much modern evidence that cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ is a key in order to happy, successful living. For those people intent on creating our Ideal Life, it can be difficult to stay focused in the positive and shed any negative thoughts, especially when we are experiencing challenges, inviting massive change, and facing the particular unknown.

Furthermore the Law of Attraction tells us what we occupy our thoughts with is what we tend to generate: so think gratitude and we are more sure of harvesting experiences to be pleased for. The NLT Bible catalog provided 16 entries for thankfulness, all of which were relevant and appropriate to life in 2010. The suggested pathways sounded almost New-Age, for example , “five ways to be thankful”, ” developing an attitude of thankfulness”, “gratitude should move us to action”, and “increasing your thankfulness”.

I was delighted to be able to tap into such a source of ancient advice so easily and am quickly read all 16 pathways. I gained a whole new respect for those who lived in Biblical occasions. I found a potted history of the trials and tribulations of the people, how they reacted then is the way we still react nowadays – apparently the human race hasn’t evolved a lot, if at all, on an emotional level! It became clear that human nature hasn’t changed much over the millennia and neither have the life-challenges that individuals face. For example , the Israelites wandered around in the wilderness for 40 years on their way to the Promised Land. They experienced similar emotions to us today in our quest for a fulfilled, rewarding, happy life: impatience, ingratitude, complaining, looking back on the past with rosy glasses while resisting the unknown future. The particular advice the Israelites received had been relevant to us today also. Have got faith and trust; don’t hark back but look to the future; get things one step at a time; if you would like something ask God.

I discovered exactly how applicable the life lessons and advice from God and leaders of the time are to today’s readers. We can compare a study of the Bible along with any other brilliant guidebook written intended for today’s audience. There is no point in reading books on financial literacy if we fail to put what we understand to be valid into practice. Why go to a workshop on abundance or goal-setting or whatever and come back home and fail to put what we have learned into action? Similarly, taking pleasure in inspirational Bible verses and empathizing with human experience is just half the equation. The real benefit, the power behind the passages, is to encourage and motivate us to take beneficial action.

Astonishingly I found the Scriptures to be more complete than the majority of personal empowerment books and training courses. Today’s self-improvement experts exhort us to live positively, to think mega-big, to take action. In my experience many fall short of detailing why this is important and what to do in case you are experiencing difficulties. I mean, have you ever attempted to adopt an attitude of appreciation and leave negativity behind a person? Easier said than done. How many of us actually reside without fear, negativity, anxiety, as well as other negative emotions ALL THE TIME? The moving Bible verses I looked at seemed to provide solutions, giving clear suggestions about how to solve our problems.

Our conclusions:

1) The challenges people faced millennia ago are still relevant today. Their experiences match the experiences.
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Their reactions match our bait. The solutions they were given by The almighty or wise leaders are totally relevant to us today.

2) As with modern advice, expertise and assistance that we get from today’s experts and mentors, inspirational Bible passages need to be understood and applied. 1st we must understand the lesson. Secondly, and even more importantly, we must apply what we have discovered to our own lives. It is by applying wisdom and expertise that our lives change for the better.