Introduction to Herb Garden Designs

Developing your very own herb garden does not have to be a difficult task. When one thinks of herb garden designs she or he may think of sketch pads to draw out a plan and blueprints; but , this does not have to be the case, even though if you choose you can opt for this process.

Designing an herb garden can be plenty of fun and you can customize it for your particular needs. Although a lot of planning is just not required there is some planning which will obviously need to be accomplished. Just like with anything else, what you put into a thing is what you will get out of it. So , a little patience and thought will go a long way along with designing your garden.

In this article we will talk about several different types of herb garden designs.
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Whenever conceptualizing your garden you want to make sure that you include elements that have meaning to you, things like or have some sort of connection or even attraction to. Personalization is the key in order to it your own and you can spend just as much or as little time on your design as you like.

In this articles we are going to discuss a few garden designs that may give you some helpful ideas and added assistance to help you achieve your very own personalized design.

Butterfly Garden Style

If you love butterflies and want to attract these to your garden then you want to design outside the house with this theme so that you can attract them. Butterflies love flowers and are naturally attracted to them for the nectar the fact that flowers produce. So , to catch the attention of butterflies to your butterfly garden you will need to plant different flowers throughout your theme such as azalea, butterfly marijuana, marigold, lilac, butterfly bush, nettles, dogbane, thistles and milkweed.

In the butterfly garden you may also want to incorporate a water source for your butterflies like a fountain or some nice bowls for them to indulge in. Also, it would be excellent to have rocks for your butterflies in order to rest on and a nice table or rocking chair for you to sit down and enjoy your garden.

Zen Garden Style

A zen garden would be an excellent garden to design for those who love meditating. The monks used and developed a zen garden for this purpose. Zen gardens should bring oneness plus harmony to the individual that is using it. The flowers that you choose must be suitable for your climate. Rocks really are a very essential element for a zen backyard as it represents energy and time and adds depth to your garden. Once your zen garden is completed and you have made it your own, this is a place where you will always wan to escape to.

Cottage Garden Design

A cottage garden can be cultivated around just about anything. This type of garden can bring beauty, serenity, comfort and romance to ones mind. This garden is just not limited to an one particular space yet have partitions of its beauty in many areas of ones landscape. A bungalow garden is very unorthodox and demands more planning and maintenance than the aforementioned garden designs that we have discussed so thus far.