High Quality Foods Promote Weight Loss

Weight reduction is not just an individual problem, but it is really a major public issue. Two-thirds of Americans are classified as overweight or obese. There has been a lot of study on the importance of being conscious of how much you eat. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to keep a food diary – an honest one.

We may think that we know what we eat, but actually we tend not to. Keeping a diary forces all of us to look and notice. People who maintain records of what they eat each day actually doubled their weight loss. Not only that we would see how much we are consuming, we can also see what foods to eat and to avoid.

Writing down each bite make us conscious of the meals we are eating. The once regular breakfast consisting of bagel with an egg and cheese containing 630 calories from fat will now be replaced by a cup of high fiber cereal, milk and 4 oz of orange juice. Great tip is to weigh ourselves daily so that we became aware of how much we are taking in.

It is also important to plan ahead if you know that you are going to a party or other event where harmful food will be around. Bring your own food or eat something healthful beforehand to keep you from getting hungry and vulnerable when you reach that party or event. Also pay attention to the amount of food you are eating specifically the portion sizes. As a guidebook, one portion of meat (about 3 ounces) is roughly the size of a pack of cards.

Obesity is a major public health problem in the US. Boosts in obesity which is prevalent during the last four decades has been dramatic in every age and social groups, raising the concerns about the health risks intended for children, adolescents and adults. Currently, over half of US adults are usually overweight and the upward trends display no sign of slowing. A continuing of the current trend seems most probably to lead to substantial increases within the number of people affected by obesity related health problems and premature mortality.

When it comes to keeping your weight down or weight loss, a brand new study by Harvard researchers suggests that the quality of the food matters more than its calorie count. We know that eating burgers and French fries and drinking soft drinks leads to more weight gain than consuming fresh fruits, vegetables and brown grain.

The study found that the worst offenders were potato chips which led to more weight gain per serving than some other food. The best for your waistline will be surprisingly yogurt. The study also implies that people benefit more by concentrating on eating the right food than eating less food.
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The quality of the diet : the types of food and beverages that certain consumes – is strongly linked to weight gain or weight loss.

The data furthermore showed that eating specific high quality foods were linked with less putting on weight over time. In fact , the more daily servings that people ate of fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains and yogurt, the particular less weight they gained.