Executive Gifts Including Printed Umbrellas

Printed umbrellas, when part of executive gift packages, can be wonderful advertisements for your business.
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In addition to packages for the executives in your professional life, employees and key vendor secretaries will enjoy gift packages including printed umbrellas.

For the Golfer

Printed golf umbrellas are paired up nicely with custom imprinted Wilson Ultra golf balls, a golf tool and leather scorecard holder. If you are shipping your gift packages, you can forego the heavy golf balls and choose printed shoe bags instead. For less than £30 per gift package, you can include a matching printed umbrella, balls or shoe bag, golf tool and scorecard holder.

For the Outdoorsman or Woman

If your industry attracts the outdoor types, you can include printed umbrellas with a few other imprinted items to create wonderful gift packages. Sunglasses, portable radios, sports drink bottles and t-shirts can all be paired with promotional umbrellas for wonderful outdoor adventure packages. Depending on how complex the shirts, drink bottles and umbrellas are that you choose, you can create these packages for between £12 and £50 each.

For the Traveler

If your company or industry calls for frequent travel, you can count on their need for compact, mini-umbrellas. Order mini printed umbrellas and coordinating luggage tags, travel bags, portable MP3 players and first aid kits for a handy gift any traveler will appreciate.

For a Winter Season Promotion

Winter brings rain and snow in almost all parts of the country and world. As you create your winter season promotion, consider sending larger gifts to the executives that have the most buying power. In addition to classic printed umbrellas, you can include coffee mugs, torches for power outages, heat packs, puzzles, fleece jackets, sweatshirts or windbreakers. These gift boxes can run anywhere from £15 to £100 depending on the items and options you choose.

For the Commuter

People that spend an hour or more on the commuter trains will appreciate compact printed umbrellas paired with stress toys, travel mugs, torches, MP3 players, pens and notepads. Consider packaging your gift items in a printed travel bag or rucksack for easy toting.

For the Fashion Conscious

While no one prefers the wet, just in from the rain look, there are some members of society that are high fashion types. If there are a number of executives or employees that fit this profile, you can find plenty of promotional items, including printed umbrellas, that won’t be shunned by the highly fashionable. The Hoyland Square umbrellas is very classy and available in more than 70 colors. Add these to a gift package including a laptop computer carrier or executive business bag, a heavy executive pen and a hip flask for a well rounded, stylish gift.

For Front Office Staff

The administrators, secretaries and office staff are often the backbone of a business. They appreciate gifts as much or more than the executives usually rewarded for their purchases. Consider a stylish printed umbrella, travel mug, clock, nice pen and mouse mat as an administrator gift pack. Don’t forget your own secretaries.