Attires of Kerala

Kerala is one of the important states in south of India, located on the Malabar Coastline, in the southwest of India.
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Individuals in Kerala support attires which are mainly traditional in nature. The state is full of greenery and the costumes most of the time are different shades of white which gives a very soothing contrast using the green environment.

The traditional attire types are the ‘Mundu and Neriathu’ (a white piece of cloth with fantastic zari border symbolizing the azure blood relation) for men however those who refrain themselves from Golden Zari they go with simple green border; and ‘sari’ (a 5-6 meters long piece of cloth embroidered with golden border) with jacket for women. The traditional dress forms are the ‘mundu-neryathum’ is the derived form of the historic saree, with the changing trends in lifestyle, the dress codes have changed in major urban areas. An merger of colors and designs are very visible may be the modern attire of young Keralites.

Men and women today are clad in a number of dresses. The people have now taken to the particular northern style of dressing up though the western dresses have also found a lot of acceptance among the masses.

History of Attires: Based on Hindu Mythology the word “Saree” is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Sati” which basic means a piece of cloth.

Attires in Dance forms: Kathakali and Mohiniattam are two major dance forms of Kerala. In these dance forms the particular tradition white color is replaced by colorful sarees with fantastic Zari border.

Festive Clothing: During the festivals, especially Oman and Vishnu, women can be spotted wearing ‘Set Saris’ (white saris with borders of gold thread called “Cassava” and blouse matching the sari border color. Men prefer whitened dhoti with ‘cassava’ borders for such occasions. Young females would rather wear long skirts and tops of various colours.

Men’s Attire

Mundu – A white Piece of Towel with Golden Jerried Border or even some subtle colors which does not give a very flashy look.

Ladies Attire

Saree and Blouse which may have different border pattern ranging from Zari to subtle earthen colures.

The best time to visit and experience the different shades of this beautiful state can be between October to April plus reaching up here is an easy task thanks to variety of travelling options:

By Air: This Southern state is properly connected with three international airports at Tiruvannanthpuram, Kochi and Calicut.

By Street: There are numerous bus services in Kerala linking all the major cities associated with south India like Bangalore, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Hyderabad.